Reversible Pet Bandanas

Pet BandanaWhy Would You Put a Bandana on Your Furkid?

It’s as simple as it sounds. To have a bandana wrapped around the furkids neck and covering the chest is an extra layer to add warmth! What’s also great is the reverse is true. On a hot day if you want to cool the dog down you can wet the bandana before applying it. How great is that!

Pet BandanaCALMING
This idea is great! You can use the bandana to calm the dog if they’re anxious or worked up. Simply use the stress relief spray (Provided by a vet) across the bandana under the chin and because it’s near the dog's nose it will assist with the dog staying calm.
**Dogs are different from humans, so it is vital that you check that what you are using is safe for dogs.Matching Bandana Mask

There are so many fun, colourful and fashionable designs available, it’s a great way to dress your furkids up for holidays without having to dress up their whole body especially during the hot weather. Furkids look superb in bandanas. My boy wears them and I always get compliments on him when I take him out for a walk or to a pet cafe.

*And if you are into ‘twinning’, why not buy a matching face mask for yourself!